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We have flexible Facebook Ads Management packages for any size budget. We want to be your GROWTH partner.

Facebook Ads Agency

Save R1000's & increase sales with our Facebook Ads Management

We know that many business owners have tried to manage their own Facebook ads and seen little to no results, often at a huge expense.

Facebook is an effective platform that small businesses can use to increase viability, generate leads and meet new customers.  But they need to be managed properly.  Facebook ads management is not something that should be left to your niece or nephew because “they understand social media”.

Facebook allows small, medium and local businesses to get in front of 1000’s of potential customers for a fraction of the cost of traditional offline methods (flyers, radio and print ads).

As a Facebook Ads Management Company we know that as a small business owner you may find Facebook Advertising daunting and overwhelming. We are here to help you with that!

We know, from our clients that Facebook ads, when managed correctly, can yield amazing results, we have the stats to prove it and our results!

One of our clients spent R2k in Facebook Ads and earned R28k in revenue!

Audience targetting

Facebook offers extensive targeting capabilities. We will use all of the targeting options available to us to target your ideal customer.

Effective targeting means that only people who would be interested in your product or service would see your ads making your advertising effective and efficient.

Facebook Pixel

We use all the tools available and do things right! Start to take advantage of the latest technology and track your conversions as they happen! Data is powerful and we make sure to use all of it!

Not sure what the Facebook Pixel is and how this can benefit you? CLICK HERE to find out more.

We have flexible Facebook Ads Management packages for any size budget. We want to be your GROWTH partner.

Actual results we achieved in 1 month. This could have been you!


Increase in sales


Revenue Generated


Return on Ad spend


Spent on Ads

When you work with our Facebook Ads Agency

We work within your budget

W tailor our packages to what you can afford and GROW with you! Ideal for small business owners.  You don’t need a massive budget to start working with us.

Cheapest form of Marketing

Facebook ads are cheaper per impression than TV radio or any other social media platform. It can cost you as little as R80 to get in front of 1,000 users!

Target your ideal customer

Your customers spend most of their time on Facebook. We use Facebook’s targeting capabilities to get in front of your ideal customers! Get it  right with us!

Measurable results

With every month that passes, we get more and more data. We actively manage your account by reviewing your data and updating your campaigns.

Every client and account gets a TEAM of professionals!

Digital Marketing is continually changing and evolving, which is why every client gets a team allowing us to always be on the cutting edge of trends.  This is what makes us a reliable Facebook Ads Management Company

How our team works

Facebook campaigns, you need more than one person. Facebook Ads involves various skills from data analysis to graphic design, copy writing and campaign creation that’s why every account gets a team.

Meet your Facebook Ads Management Team and see what each team member is responsible for.

What do you get?

All of our campaigns are set up and managed by a Facebook Certified professional with 3 years or more experience! 

You will also have access to a copywriter who works closely with your Facebook Certified Ads Manager to ensure that your ads are captivating and encourage conversions!

We offer more than merely Facebook Ads Management Services.  We also provide Facebook Remarketing and Lead Generation services.

The pricing of these add on services depends on the Facebook campaign types and ad spend that you are spending with us.  If you are spending more money on ads you want them monitored more and this is what we do!

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